Altınay Robot Technologies was established as the first Teknokent company in Turkey, at ITU Maslak campus in 1991, with a protocol signed between ITU and KOSGEB and was recognized as the first company supported by KOSGEB. In 1996, the company was recognized by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) as one of 28 robot manufacturers in Europe. Again in 1999, Altınay Robot Technologies, was recorded in the industry records of Ministry of Commerce as the first robot manufacturer of Turkey.

Altınay Robot Technologies has specialized in manufacturing technologies by concentrating its knowledge and skills on industrial robotic applications. The company has been Turkey’s leading solution provider of flexible robot-based automation systems. The company offers a wide range of solutions from standard cell solutions to the most complex production lines required by the automotive industry.

The company starts in the automotive industry in the early 2000s, began his journey with 30 people, today continues to grow with close to 200 staff including academicians within 3 centers located in Turkey and Germany. In addition to its experienced staff in both design and automation and robotics disciplines, the company offers appropriate, fast and high quality solutions to their customers with appropriate engineering tools.

Altınay Robot Technologies realized more than 400 turnkey robotic production line projects for more than 100 customers. The company continues to provide services in a wide range of sectors such as body production lines, vehicle assembly systems, welding systems, special robotic processes, transfer and storage solutions, robotic press and paint projects in automotive main industry and sub-industries. The company carries out turnkey projects covering the period starting from the design stage up to mass production at site after installation of lines both in factories in Turkey, but also in Russia, Germany, Romenia, Slovenia, Morocco, Netherlands and France. Today, more than 2.5 million vehicles for passenger and commercial purposes are manufactured in production lines designed by Altınay Robot Technologies. Altınay aims to reach the export figures of 40 m€ with the projects realized in foreign countries.

In the coming years, as Industry 4.0 will be more effective, robot and robot based projects will increase, especially in the automotive industry, and new requirements will be realised by  new solutions. Widespread use of collaborative robots and people together in assembly processes, the need for machine learning at more points with more powerful algorithms, designs that change with electric vehicles and related different production methods, more autonomous and more interconnected system requirements, will also effect the production technologies in Altınay’s concern.

Therefore, in order to be at the top of the competition in new technologies and intelligent production systems, Altınay Robot Technologies has established its R & D Center in 2018 by directing its focus on “future systems”. The company wants to concentrate its R & D activities, which they focused on industrial robotics since the 90s, now in the field of intelligent production systems in the near future and contribute to the sector.