GCS Test

GCS is working on testing, inspection and type approval certification fields in automotive sector with experienced engineering staff and provides certification services to their clients as reliable solution partner.

Our company has a wide range of activities with our experienced engineering staff, laboratories, testing equipments and international alliances / partners. We carry out test, inspection and certification activities for the products, components, vehicles and companies.

GCS is designated as technical service by German Type Approval Authority, KBA. In addition, GCS is nominated to execute Turkey operations & carry out tests and inspections on behalf of VCA (UK) technical service.


European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) certification

(category M – passenger car, bus / N – trucks / L – motorcycles / O – trailer / T – agricultural tractors)

System and component type approval testing and certification (EC / ECE / EU) (Seat, glazing, axle, pads, discs, bumpers, wheels etc.)

Conformity of Production (COP) checks & tests

Equivalence spare part tests

Laboratory tests and Laboratory / Test facility appraisal

An online, searchable library of automotive legislation

Technical training