The global automotive conference’what awaits us?

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Hilton Bosphorus in Istanbul, global automotive conference will take place 11-12 October. Could you tell us about me and content of conference?

The global automotive conference in industry, all recent developments and unrivalled networking environment for administrators who want to closely follow trend. The main me this year; industry 4.0, robotlasma, not only current issues that we hear everyday, such as digitization of production processes in automotive industry, not aftermarket, including how it will affect all companies in supply chain is concerned with. The inevitable issues of Commercial Vehicles, electrification, connectivity, and driverless vehicles (autonomous cars) will be covered in detail and topics such as mobility services.

During recent years compared to Conference this year, and differences in organization, what happens?

in 2017, global automotive conference will be much different than previous years. From moment you receive your entrance card according to conference last year and number of participants has greatly increased in terms of prestige and you will notice how much has improved. In this context, Double Hilton Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel was booked for this year’s conference. The location and size of venue, as well as ‘ exhibition’ on subject of too much thought; it was two-day conference at communication and connection as much as possible in order to provide exhibition area was doubled in size. Also contributing to networking environment, tuned 45-minute coffee breaks, exclusive VIP Areas, global automotive B2B meeting space are among important details of conference in 2017. Will shape future of automotive industry, even with ideas that will transform technology, which you can listen to local and international entrepreneurs start-up Hub, we carried out a new study. we started workshops and round table was an application which gives very successful results in 2016. Therefore, this year, each day of Conference a roundtable discussion workshop one-on-one editing and decided to take 90 minutes of your time on. after return in 2016 after conference is anor one of this year’s innovations in automotive industry and successful business women Breakfast! with all this innovation and development of global automotive conference in 2017 would appeal to a much wider audience than conferences and so far I can say that it would be much better edited.

What will be profile of participants of Conference this year?

with all interested suppliers to automotive industry of organization covered by automotive experts and exhibitors within scope of. The industry’s best OEM manufacturers from Global suppliers, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics Director, R & D Directors, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Autonomous Vehicles, Connectivity issues such as an expert on automotive industry with a wide range of those persons who shape future of conference we will host a participant. A cxo who wants to learn what is happening in industry with a strategic overview prior reflects upon daily work of electrification in automotive industry global automotive conference, specifically an engineer who is curious about how to take care of and re will be a session in 2017.

Agree with many speakers from both domestic and abroad. Well, who are woofers?

a few of our speakers:

John Fleming, Executive Vice President in charge of production (Retired) – Ford Motor Co. U.S. Anders Bonander, senior Product Manager, Volvo truck & member of Board of Directors EROTICA, Switzerland Aghasi Vahab Nader: National dealer network, Director of Iran Khodro Mammut

‘Successful in automotive industry Business Women’s breakfast’ is one of original organizations of conference. Well, objectives of this organization, what is content, participants, who will be?

based on feedback received from conference in 2016, specifically for women, we decided to have more of issues in automotive sector. For this purpose, first action on second day of conference, which will take place in automotive sector kahvaltisi women. This organization women at conference participants as well as industry-leading experts in ir fields, women share ir experiences, discuss solutions to problems, we aimed to keep on with rest of industry come toger to brainstorm. conference participants start-up workshop offers option to work from area with many different activities. B2B relationships in terms of what will be different aspects of conference? as global automotive conference face to face communication we believe that communication is best team. Within Conference, to achieve this, connection to provide communication and encourage face to face communication we are working hard to devote as much time as possible. Therefore, your reason for joining and take time off from work for two days and conference with as many potential customers as possible to get ahead of your competitors and or leading citizens of automotive industry will enable you to communicate with pass. as planned, like, 45 minutes before coffee break setting up environment for a long time that’s why communication and networking continues. Two afternoon sessions of conference begin on day before, eat your lunch comfortably after drinking coffee and after dinner we offer an environment that will allow you to visit exhibition area. also this year our exhibition area was designed to provide B2B business opportunities to participants as possible. Entrepreneurs will shape future of automotive industry in one corner and conversion will lead to new ideas that young entrepreneurs will be able to hear local and international student. B2B network area guarantees a space for you to host this important meeting. However, to increase time that senior managers spend toger in VIP area has been created. one of round table workshops we’ve mentioned it before, but to summarize specifically interested in your products or your field of Business, your target audience consider quality you spend 90 minutes with 10-15 people. This 90-minute meeting and don’t want to participate?