29 – 30 November 2016


Silence İstanbul Hotel & Exhibition Center


50 Professional Speakers



2016 EVENT HIGHLIGHTS / Expert-led roundtable discussions, Networking drinks reception, VIP Dinner

DAY 1:

  • Mega trends from around the World
  • Future of manufacturing – Industry 4.0
  • Digitalisation & the Automotive Industry
  • Dedicated supply chain & logistics track


DAY 2:

  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Autonomous and Connected vehicles
  • Electric vehicles and battery technologies
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Event Speakers / meet with greaters

John FlemIng

‎ExecutIve VP ManufacturIng & Labour AffaIrs // FORD MOTOR CO.



SebastIan WedenIwskI

ChIef Technology OffIcer // IBM

Hakan Kostepen

ExecutIve DIrector PanasonIc AutomotIve Systems

Arif Emecen

General Manager IETT (Istanbul Transport)

Frank M. Rinderknecht

CEO // Rinspeed Inc.

Osman Sever

SeCretary General - OSD

Ali Riza Ersoy

ExecutIve CommIttee Member SIemens Turkey


General Manager // Ekol Logistics

Erol Yanar

General DIrector MInIstry of Transport Turkey

İbrahim Dölen

General Manager Borusan Lojistik

Hayriye Karadeniz

ChIef DIgItal OFICER Ford Otosan

Muhammed Alyuruk

General Manager Isbak A.Ş.

MaxImIlIan CoquI

DIrector - AlIx Partners

Murat Palaoglu

KPMG Turkey DIrector, Head of Customs and ForeIgn Trade

Okan Gedik

General Manager Assan HanIl

FrancoIs E. GuIchard

UN Secretary VehIcle ActIve Safety UnIted NatIons

Ozlem Kurt Karayurek

Partner Cukur & YIlmaz Law FIrM


R&D DIrector TofaŞ FIat

Cagri Tolga Avsar

General Manager // SCheer Group

Mustafa Ayhan

Industry 4.0 CoordInator, Bosch Turkey & MIddle East


Automotive Group Chairman // YASED




R&D Director // Ekol Logistics

Jan Burdinski

Director Government & Industry RelatIons for General Motors

Bülent Ünsever

Blue Ocean Robotics Holding ApS Türkiye Genel Müdürü

Murat Yapıcı

Director General for EU Affairs in the Turkish Ministry of Economy

Dr. Taner Göçmez

Deputy Vice President Region East at FEV

Quentin le Hetet

General Manager of GİPA Middle-East Africa

Michael Weiss

Management Consulting of A.T. Kearney in Turkey

Mert Umut Özkaynak

TEMSA Innovation and Production Manager


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[wwps_dropcap size=”0.001″]“WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey, Istanbul, September 2014″.Turkish automotive industry exports rose to new heights in the first Quarter of 2014 (up by 12.9 percent to $4.56 billion). Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul. yet domestic sales fell by 24.46%, so what does the future hold for this country. whose automotive sector is its largest export industry and is already ranked as the 5th largest producer in the EU? WAC With Turkey’s strategic global positioning;WAC world automotive conference Turkey 2014.integrated logistics and supply chain infrastructure; strong EU and government support network and incentive schemes; and a young, motivated workforce, can Turkey become the international production and innovation hub of the automotive industry?Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul.Ambitious target have been set for both automotive production and the export sector, WAC but what about the huge potential within Turkey’s untapped domestic market, whose sales increased 10% year-on-year in 2013? WAC Turkey’s large population is increasingly gaining purchasing power, and with 75% not owning a vehicle, WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Worldwide Partnerships there seems to be a massive window of opportunity. WAC Turkey Istanbul However, will current concerns about Turkey’s growing account deficit and new regulations coming into place significantly hinder sales within Turkey? WAC world automotive conference Turkey.WAC Turkey Istanbul  WAC world automotive conference in Turkey.This year’s ‘WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey 2015’ will analyse if Turkey really does have the capacity, correct regulation and incentives. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey 2015 a distribution logistic network to become an international production and technology automotive hub.WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey. Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul.WAC Turkey Istanbul  WAC world automotive conference Turkey with environmental concerns and EU emissions targets now leading technology innovation, this is the perfect platform to hear about the next generation of vehicles and if concerns such as fuel efficiency will really effect consumers purchasing decisions. Worldwide Partnerships Conferences therefore strategic shifts within the automotive sector.Worldwide Partnerships.WAC world automotive conference Turkey join global manufactures, senior industry experts, logistics and supply chain executives, leading R&D developers at this year’s event to find out about the latest challenges and opportunities within this booming industry.Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul.WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey key topics to discuss.WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey.WAC Turkey Istanbul  Hear international success stories and best practise strategies.Worldwide Partnerships Analyse the effect of new EU and Turkish government/BDDK legislation on domestic salesImpact of BRIC countries’ manufacturers expected penetration into European marketsExplore Turkey’s production capacity and export targets. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Potential Speaker to be confirmed:Government policies, regulations and incentives programmes.WAC Turkey Istanbul  Dr. Mehmet Yurdal Sahin, Subsidy, and Executive Vice Chairman of the Foreign Capital,Ministry of Economy,Worldwide Partnerships Presentation: Automotive safety systems & solutionsWorldwide Partnerships Mr. Frank Litjens Global Sales Director Tass International, Netherlands.Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Investment and competitive advantages – FORUM – Worldwide Partnerships Conferences. Mr. Cemil Cem Temel, Vice General Manager of Factory,Ford Otosan, Mr. Halil Akgul. Core Competence Coordinator, Coskunoz Holding, Bedirhan Celik, Vice-Chairman. Prof. Dr. Ercan Tezer, Secretary General, OSD Automotive Manufacturers Automotive. Automotive Conference. WAC Turkey Istanbul  Worldwide Partnerships Conferences, Mr. Can Komar,WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey  CEO,Neksport. Ergun Kis, Partner, Audit Head of Automotive, KPMG Turkey.WAC world automotive conference Turkey 2014.Muharrem Erkan, Member of the Board,BMC. Harun Bozoklar, Managing Partner and Steel Trading Director, Bozoklar Dis Ticaret. Chairman of the Board, Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (OTAM), Dr. Hulki Buyukkalender. Worldwide Partnerships.  General Manager, Yigit Aku, Zafer Murat Mermer. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey 2015. Vice Chairman & CEO, Chery Mermerler Otomotiv. WAC Turkey Istanbul  Automotive logistics and supply chain optimization, Mr. Altay Kermooglu. Commercial Logistics Manager,Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S, Yusuf Arslan. Commodity Buyer of DAIMLER AG, Zafer Kabatepe. Purchasing & Logistics Director,Orhan Holding,Mr. Fulvio Villa. CEO,GEFCO, Vefa Baykan. Toyota Material Handling Planning and Logistic Manager,TMHE – Toyota Material Handling, Hilmi Huseyin Kanburoglu. Branch Manager,  speakers and moderators.Mr. Vedat Uygun, General Manager, VW Passenger Cars, Dogus Otomotive.Mr. Tuna Arinci, General Manager, Valeo.Mr. Salih Sami Atilgan, Member of the Board of Atilgan Group, Chairman of MUSIAD, Vice President of ITO.Mr. Mesut Urgancilar, General Manager of TRW Automotive, WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey CEO of YPG Association.Mr. Cengiz Kabatepe, Purchasing Assistant General Manager, Ford Otosan.Mr. Fatih Tamay, Sales & Marketing Director, Anadolu Isuzu Otomotiv.Mr. Korhan Hasmet, Marketing Manager Rekarma Makine.Mr. Evgeny Oakes, CEO CTN Holding.Mr. Erkut Alkaya, General Manager, Dogan Holding – DitasMr. Toros Kardas, CEO, Hastalya Otomotiv.Mr. Mehmet Buldurgan, Chairman of MBCO, Former CEO of Temsa A.S.Mr. Gur Yalman, Founder & CEO, Autority Group.Mr. Eyal Tarablus, Vice President of Grup Oto Turkiye, Vice President of YPG Association.WAC Turkey Istanbul WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in TurkeyTürkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul.Mrs. Zeynep Erfan, VSM Manager of SKF Group, Member of the Board of YPG Association.Prof. Dr. Ercan Tezer, Secretary General, OSD Automotive Manufacturers Association.Mr. Gokhan Tuncdoken, Vice President of Sales Original Equipment of , Member of the Board of TAYSAD.Mr. Ergun Kis, Partner, Audit Head of Automotive KPMG.Mrs. Iffet Turken Member of the Board Tirsan Treyler.Mr. Ali Goktan, Chairman, Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center.Mr. Bayram Kazanci Chairman – Automotive Consumers Association – OTD, General Manager – Beseka Otomotiv.Mr. Can Komar, CEO, Neksport Consulting Ltd.Prof. Dr. Cem Sorusbay, Head of Automotive Laboratory, Istanbul Technical University.Mr. Umit Karaarslan, Former General Manager of Domestic Sales, Marketing and After Sales of Hyundai Assan.Mr. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Worldwide Partnerships Sufyan Emiroglu. Industry Director General, Inspector, Ministry of Science, Industry and TechnologyDownload registration form.Worldwide Partnerships.WAC Turkey Istanbul  WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı, Kasım, Istanbul.The event will attract automotive, logistics and technology sector leaders from around the globe; feature speakers from Turkey, UK, USA, Germany, WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Russia, as well as Austria and Finland.The first day will begin with the analysis of the economic outlook of Turkey and the region; key-note industry leaders and OEMs will be analysing how the year 2014 has been for automotive sector, and discussing their expectations and strategies for 2015 and ahead. Second day will focus on supply chain and logistics, R&D whilst international experts will be sharing their expertise on Connectivity & Big Data topics.Feature sessions include:- Analysis of the economic outlook of Turkey, the region and globally- Key-note industry leaders and OEMs’ analysis of how the year 2014 has been for automotive sector, expectations and strategies for the year ahead- Supply chain and logistics- National electric car project for Turkey- Debate surrounding latest R&D and Globalisation issues- International experts on Connectivity & Big Data- Trends, market drivers & challenges for -Stan and -Jan countries (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan)BRAND NEW!This year’s event will also have a feature session on the potential future strategies and cooperation for the Turkish and Russian markets. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Participant profiles at a glance:Chief Executive Officer, WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Business Development Manager, Senior Banker, Logistics Manager, Vice President of Product Development, Programme Manager for Europe & Africa, Parts Delivery & General Purchasing Department Manager, Chairman, Head of Research & Development Planning Manager, WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Chief Information Officer, Executive Strategy Director, Brand Manager, Board Member, Supply Chain Development Manager, Strategic Management and Business Development Director, Sales & Marketing Director,WAC Turkey Istanbul  Purchasing Manager, R&D Centre Manager Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı 5* Elite World Istanbul Hotel’de gerçekleşecektir (5-6 Kasım 2014).WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Londra yerleşik Worldwide Partnerships firması tarafından düzenlenecek olan konferansta, Türkiye ve bölgenin otomotiv sektöründeki geleceğine stratejik açıdan yaklaşılacaktır.Türkiye ve bölgeden önemli temsilcilerin katılımı ile 5-6 Kasim tarihlerinde Istanbul’da gerçekleşecek olan WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey ‘Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı ve Fuarı’, otomotiv sektöründeki üretim, ihracat, teknoloji konuları dahil olmak üzere stratejik konular üzerine yoğunlaşacaktır. Konferansın ana başlıkları; üretici firmaların 2015 ve ilerisinden beklentileri/gelecek stratejileri, araç lojistiği ve tedarik zinciri, araçlarda gelişen Connectivity ve Big Data (Bağlı Araçlar ve Büyük veri) teknolojileri, Türkiye’nin kendi marka elektrikli aracını üretme yolunda atılan somut adımlar ve projenin hayata geçmesi.Konferansta Avrupa Imar ve Kalkınma Bankası’nı temsilen yer alacak Hande Islak, sektöre ekonomi ve finans tarafından yorumlarını katıyor olacak. Sonrasında Toyota Türkiye CEO’su ve Genel Müdürü Orhan Özen, 2014 yılı yorumlarını ve 2015 için üretim ve ihracat konularında beklentilerini paylaşıyor olacak. KPMG Türkiye otomotiv sektör yöneticisi Ergün Kış’da sektörün yerel ve global trendleri üzerine konuşuyor olacak.Rusya ile gelişen ilişkiler ve bunun otomotiv sektöründe etkileri göz önünde bulundurularak Rusya’dan aralarında Volvo, Peugeot, Volkswagen gibi markaların da bulunduğu 12 farklı OEM tesisleri olan bölgelerden yöneticiler programa katılacaktır.Kaluga ve Ulyanovsk bölgelerinin gelecek olan bu yöneticiler hem Rusya’ya yatırım ve ihracat fırsatlarından hem de firmaların bu fırsatları değerlendirebilmesi için analiz edebilmeleri konusunda bilgi sağlıyor olacaklardır.WAC Turkey Istanbul Ayrıca –STAN, -JAN ülkeleri ve Rusya’ya (Ukrayna, Azerbaycan, Kırgızistan, Türkmenistan, Özbekistan, Tacikistan) ihracat ve yatırım fırsatları üzerine 2014 Eylül’de tamamlanan bir çalışma ile Frost & Sullivan araştırma ekibi Anna Özdelen ve Mobarak Moosa sunum yapacaktır. WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey bu sunum ayrıca bu bölgelerdeki mevcut trendleri, pazar zorluklarını, hafif binek araç satışlarındaki potansiyeli ve diğer segmentlerle ilgili analizleri, ayrıca Rusya pazarının dinamiklerini ve telematikleri ele alacaktır.İkinci gün ise MUSIAD otomotiv Kurulu Başkanı Cengiz Arslan başta olmak üzere Mehmet Buldurgan (Temsa eski CEO’su) ve ilave konuşmacılarimiz ile %100 Türk marka araç üretilmesi ve bu aracın elektrikli araç olması konularında atılan adımları, üzerine çalışılan projeleri ve yapılacakları tartışıyor olacagız.Microsoft İngiltere Otomotiv Sektör yöneticisi Ian Webber, Türkiye’nin henüz ulaşılamamış pazar potansiyeline satış için teknolojiyi daha iyi kullanarak ulaşma yolları üzerine hazırladığı çalışmalarını anlatacaktır. Panasonic’in Amerika’da Strateji ve Inovasyon Direktörü olan Hakan Kostepen ve Mirror Link Projelesinin sahibi Car Connectivity Consortium yöneticisi Antti Aumo Connectivity & Big Data konuları üzerine yoğunlaşıyor olacaktır.WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı hem Türkiye’den hem de uluslarası anlamda üst düzey sektör temsilcilerini bir araya getirecek bir programdır.WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey Türkiye’de Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı konuşmacıları ve katılımcıları hakkında güncel bilgi almak veya sponsor, konuşmacı, katılımcı gibi alternatiflerle programda yer almak isterseniz lütfen bizimle iletişime geçiniz.WAC Turkey Istanbul WAC world automotive conference and Exhibition in Turkey[/wwps_dropcap]